Advancing TESOL Scholarship: A New Chapter for our Journal

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Erik Voss
Scott E. Grapin
Joan Lachance


Welcome to Volume 11, Issue 1, of NYS TESOL Journal—a milestone that marks not only the continuity of our scholarly dialogue but also significant enhancements to our platform and editorial team. Foremost, our journal has transitioned to a new platform featuring an updated look and feel, aligning with the professional standards of open-source academic publishing. This change reflects our commitment to accessibility and the dissemination of professional knowledge in TESOL. We believe that this new interface will provide a more user-friendly experience for our authors, reviewers, and readers. Adhering to our tradition, we will continue to publish two issues annually. However, embracing a more flexible approach to scholarship, we now accept submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year. Potential authors can create an account on the platform and submit directly to the journal.

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