Agora world: A glimpse into the future of technology in language teaching and learning

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Jasmin (Bey) Cowin


Immersive language learning environments allow students to engage themselves in real-life situations, experiencing language learning in a more interactive and engaging way. Using Agora World as an example, this material review explores the applications of virtual reality and multimedia technologies for language education. The review will contextualize the historical origins of virtual worlds, metaverses, avatars and language acquisition. Pedagogical applications will focus on use cases for language for specific purposes, where language is used in specific contexts or subsets of tasks and skills. In addition, skill-based assessments for language learners in immersive spaces will be discussed. The materials review will conclude by looking forward, hypothesizing on the future of digital language education transformation, and exploring possible macro trends in the future of language learning.

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Reviews: Technology Resources & Materials